Chamois hunting

Caccia Toscana is also able to offer you the experience of hunting the most agile and alert Mountain Antelope, the Chamois.All this in the stunning setting of Val di Susa, north of Turin in the Western Alps on the border with France. Thanks to its geographic position, surrounded by majestic rocky mountains and villages rich in history, this is a meeting place for vegetation typical of the Maritime Alps, the Southern Cottian Alps and the Central Alps, and is home to a wide variety of fauna, all of which ensures an exciting hunt.

On a typical day of hunting, it is possible to sight between 20 and 40 chamois, sometimes even more. Despite being a difficult animal to hunt because of their sharp eyesight and the habitat in which they live, we will try to find you the animal, if not the trophy, that best fulfils your requirements. The best time to hunt chamois is from August to December.

The hunting adventure begins immediately after breakfast. Accompanied by our guides, we set off towards the hunting grounds, which are all within a few kilometres of the Lodge. We proceed on foot from the lower valley (1,000 m) to the highest peaks (3,000 m).

On some routes, it is possible to drive up to 2,000 m and then continue on foot.Depending on how the hunt goes, we might decide to have a packed lunch directly on the mountain, or we can descend to the village in the lower valley, and then resume our adventure immediately after lunch.

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