Wild Boar hunting in closed area

Caccia Toscana organizes the wild boar hunting in an area that is extended beyond 70 hectares, where there are 8 confortable roof-terraces that are raised about a meter from the ground and they are closed on the sides to guarantee the safety during the shooting of the hunters present at your side.
The chances of having a sighting of the wild are very high, given to the numerous presence of wild boars where the hunt will be carried out.
There are not wild boars of mitigations, for this reason there is a big possibility to hunt a trophy animal.

The hunting fight starrts around 08:00 am with the draw of the positions.
After the draw all the hunters will be escort in their roof-terrace, at the sound of the horn will start the hunting fight and the hunters can load the carabine.
When the hunting finishes, around 12:30 am the horn will sound again, so all the hunters will have to unload the guns.
At the end of the hunting all the hunters will go into the Hunt House to have a brunch with the typical and local products, in the meantime, Caccia Toscana’s staff will provide to recovery of the slaughtered animals.

During the waiting for the tableau, to do the photos, a rich lunch will be served to end the day in the best way.


Saturday October 26th 2019
Saturday December 14th 2019
Saturday March 7th 2020

Prize and trophy:

Euro 1.500,00 per person
The price includes: the breakfast, the lunch, the entrance into the reserve, slaughtered of wild boars without limits, trophy of the slaughtered animal. Inscriptions are already opened.

info and reservation: Salvatore Leanza
Mobile +39 3932123899 - Mail: info@cacciatoscana.it

Info and booking:

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