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I Sapori di Caccia Toscana

Caccia Toscana is known for its long-term presence in the hunting sector. Strengthened by our experience in the world of hunting and having appreciated the quality of the game meat from it, we have ventured into the enterprise of a wider use of these treasures offered by nature. From here we created "THE FLAVORS OF HUNTING TUSCANY" At the head of these delights we have placed the MEATS, produced using the meats coming from our jokes and processed by hand as in the past, subject to quality control, safeguarding their precious organoleptic properties and enhancing their natural flavors. Another sector we have explored the production of SAUCES according to the most traditional methods of typical Tuscan cuisine, with rigorous use of our expertly processed and packaged meats. All this excluding the use of preservatives, dyes and / or other additives that do not comply with the protection of the "NATURAL" condition of the products. In light of the results achieved, we have a well-founded belief that these delights of ours are very popular and that is why we invite consumers to try these specialties.

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